Shanghai civil defense museum, SCDF for short, is located on the 7-10th floor of the civil defense building, Fuxing central road. It covers an area of 4400 square meters, comprising introduction hall, peoples air civil defense hall, disaster prevention and mitigation hall as well as retrospect and prospect hall. It focuses on knowledge concerning peoples civil defense and the effective measures against various modern air raids by virtue of displaying air raids in history, modern air raid weapons and the features of modern air raid. Given the practical conditions of Shanghai, SCDF outlines the formations, dangers and protective measures of disasters, including typhoon, storm surge, lightning, earthquake,tornado, fire accident, chemical

accident as well as infectious disease. By means of some interactive equipment and self-rescue and mutual rescue techniques, such as 4D live cinema, metro emergency evacuation, visitors are able to participate in and experience at first hand in the hope of being familiar with and mastering relevant evacuation and self-rescue skills.

As a comprehensive public safety and science popularizing base with free-charging advantages, SCDF works for raising the national and civil defense awareness of citizens, in particular, youngsters, mastering relevant protection skills and techniques, and sharpening urban integrated defense capacities against various warfare and disasters.